Agricultural Winemaking Cooperative of Nea Agchialos “Dimitra”


The wine is an alcoholic beverage product of the fermentation of the grapes or the juice (must). The wine is of particular interest for several reasons. It is both a popular beverage that accompanies and enhances a wide range of European and Mediterranean flavors, from the most simple and traditional as the most complex and also an important agricultural product that reflects the diversity of soil and climate of a place.

Ρουά ματ οίνος ερυθρός ξηρός έκθεση
Φιλύρα οίνος λευκός ξηρός

The process of wine growing speculation that has its roots in the agrarian revolution and the permanent establishment populations for cultivation, which dates back to the first known 5000p.Ch..As the first winegrowers were considered the ancient Persians, the Semitic peoples and Assyrians.

Ancient Greeks drank wine by mixing it with water in a ratio of usually 1: 3 (one part wine to three parts of water). They had special vessels for both mixing (craters) and for cooling. Drinking wine was not mixed with water “boundless wine” was considered barbaric and customary only sick or during travel as a stimulant. Widespread was also the consumption of wine with honey and use herbs. Addition wormwood wine was also known process (attributed to Hippocrates referred to as “Ippokratios Wine” as the addition resin.