In 1908 refugees from the region of East Rumelia, settled in Anchialos, bringing with them the artistry of wine-growing. Their cooperation was founded in 1918. Since then it has been active in various sectors of processing in the market of agricultural products, at its plant (winery and bottling of wines, distillery, oil mill). The cooperation was licensed in 1981 from the ministry of Agriculture, for bottling high quality wine. It was named “Aghialos” and in 2016 renamed in “Roi Mat”. In 1984, there had been the need for moving and moderating the winery, so in 1988, the new plant was ready to operate in its new modern and private facility, which is located in the 4th km of the national road Nea Aghialos-Mikrothives, on a privately owned area of 36000m^2.
The basic equipment of the Winery- Distillery, that was renovated again during the period 2005-2006 includes:

  • Stainless tanks of various sizes and total capacity 7600 tonnes,
  • Well-designed receipt and mustification of white and red grape varieties, consisting of new modern machinery.
  • Fully equipped modern wineries for bottling 6000 bottles per hour, made of glass or plastic.

The plant receives and vinifies the grapes of all the around area. The basic varieties are Roditis, Savvatiano, Sikiotis, Merlot, Grenache Rouge, and Syrah and they are produced in vineyards of 4000m^2. The total amount brought for winemaking at the Cooperative is about 5500000 kilos. Our products, of all types and packages, are delivered at the markets with the names Roi Mat, Dimitra, Kainourio, Filira.

Mandatory Management System (AGRO 2-1, AGRO 2-2 ,AGRCERT)  is applied to all the vineyards of our producers – members of the cooperative, from 2004-2005, certified by the ministry of Agriculture. A big part of the members of the Cooperative, apply organic farming too.

Our winery –distillery works under the standards of ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP according to ELOT 1416:2000. The above systems are evaluated and certified by the company Lloyds’ Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).

In 2000 the first modern unit Distillery was launced for the production of thessalian tsipouro which operates leveraging modern equipment.

In 2010, the extension of the unit completed, doubling the production capacity to meet the increased demand. The plant was launched on 3/4/2011 by Mr Skandalidis, minister of Agriculture in Greece.

The product with or without anise, is marketed under the brand  name “Thessalian Tsipouro” in packages of 50 mL, 100 mL, 200 mL, 700 mL, 1.5 L and 5 L  and is characterized by its rich taste and wonderful essence.

It is worth mentioning that during a research at the University, the “Thessalian Tsipouro” was classified first among 145 other samples. The Cooperative today employs 40 employees on a permanent basis#. It is a modern cooperative organization with 152 members, with complete and modern equipment.