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It is with great pride that we present to you today the newest member of our family

Tsipouro 18

The multiple fractional distillation that takes place in our state-of-the-art cauldrons, brings out the best character of the grapes of our region and with Moschato in particular, gives us a crystal spirit with a very delicate taste and a nose with touches of fruit and rose.

This brings out the exquisite character of our grapes in a deliciously aromatic product with a round body and a wonderful nose.

An excellent accompaniment to dishes based on seafood and fish, while its combination with sea urchin salad and carob nuts literally “kills”

It is drunk chilled

2015 FILIRA bottle final white

The name of our wine is inspired by the Greek Mythology.  Filyra was the pride of Greek Mythology, mother of the wise centaur Heirona , who lived in Pelion , which was the summer home of Gods. She was the Goddness of recovery , of perfumes and aromas , of writing and beauty. According to the myth , God Kronos fell in love with Filyra and when Rea his wife found out, he was transformated into a horse and he transformed Filyra in homonym tree, in order to soothe her shame.

Σειρά οίνου - ρετσίνας Καινούριο

The settlement of Kainuriou was located approximately 100 meters from the current central beach of Nea Anchialos and was founded by Beli Pasha in 1817. The name of the settlement was the inspiration for our new wine. The vines in a modern design, the sea, the sun symbolized by the DIMITRAS logo are the imagery of the new wine label of the Nea Anchialos Cooperative that photographs our place. The uniqueness of the aromas, the crystal color, our love and passion for wine, give us a new generation of products with a higher quality level.

“Thessalian Tsipouro” is the result of multiple distillation of grapes from selected grape varieties of the Thessalian land. The whole process of distillation and bottling takes place in the Cooperative’s state-of-the-art facilities in Nea Aghialos Volos, using the best materials, local herbs and traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation. Its special characteristics are the intense taste and the rich aroma.

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Οινοποιείο Νέας Αγχιάλου "Η Δήμητρα"